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Fiance Visas

Immigration Services for Individuals, Including Families & Marriage Based Applicants

For a fiance of a U.S. citizen, the K-1 fiance visa is the most common route for entry into the U.S. Similar to the marriage visa, the K-1 fiance visa process first involves the filing of a petition in the U.S. with U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Citizenship and Immigration Services wherein, among things, the U.S. citizen must document that they have met their foreign spouse in person during the preceding two-year period (with some exceptions allowed). If the fiance of the U.S. citizen is already in the U.S. pursuant to a current or previous nonimmigrant visa status, even as an overstay, it will almost always make sense to skip the K-1 fiance visa process and instead remain in the U.S., marry and proceed directly to permanent resident processing in the U.S. via a one-stop I-130/Adjustment of Status filing. That way, an unnecessary trip to the foreign national’s home country can be avoided. With the help of a lawyer, a U.S. citizen and their fiance may be able to avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary delays in the processing of all required fiance visa paperwork. For professional assistance from a fiance visa lawyercontact the Law Offices of Richard Hanus today. BACK TO IMMIGRATION SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALS