The Law Offices of Richard Hanus has 25+ years of experience representing foreign nationals seeking permanent resident status by way of an offer of employment, their professional accomplishments and/or their extraordinary talents. Typically, this avenue to residence involves a job offer and proving the unavailability of U.S. workers to fill the position at issue. However, there are circumstances when a job offer and shortage of U.S. workers are not key to success in this arena, especially if the foreign national’s accomplishments place them at the very top of their field. The following is an overview of Permanent Business Visas, and to gain a deeper understanding of these options and requirements, your next step would be to contact Richard Hanus at the Law Offices of Richard Hanus.

EB-other workers

For unskilled and lower skilled foreign national workers to perform jobs the U.S. labor market is unable to fill, and where less than 2 years of experience is required.

The viability of a process for a foreign national to obtain permanent business visas and permanent resident status by way of their professional achievements or job offer depends on several variables. It often involves a complex process and set of rules, but by no means are the obstacles insurmountable. With careful planning and analysis and a little bit of creativity, the U.S. laws allowing for permanent residence in this context are manageable and in place to allow qualified foreign nationals to achieve their immigration goals. To maximize the chances of success of such a project, your best bet is to contact experienced immigration counsel such as the Law Offices of Richard Hanus.