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An immigration law firm services range from providing a basic consultation in order to explore available immigration law options, to complete representation in preparing and filing documentation, appearing before a government agency and providing ongoing counsel throughout a process. Arguably, the consultation is among the most important steps an immigration client engages in, as all decision-making and expectations generally flows from the information and assessments provided in this context.

The most common questions this immigration law firm are presented include: How do I bring my fiancé to the U.S? How do I legalize my spouse’s status, although they overstayed their visa, or entered the U.S. without a visa? My company wishes to hire a foreign worker, what are the steps to legally employ them and what are the costs? What is the process of conferring lawful permanent residence, or green card, onto our highly valued foreign worker employee? My friend is facing deportation, how can we keep him here and what are the chances for success?

For each of these questions, there are dozens of federal statutes, regulations and policies that will help provide the answer. In addition to the written laws, though, there are the intangibles and logistical nuances that are at play in any given immigration lawyer services, factors only a seasoned immigration lawyer will have insight into. The immigration law firm services provided should be a product of knowledge the lawyer derives not only from written laws, regulations and legal resources, but also from the years of experience in the trenches interacting with the relevant government agencies and advocating the rights of clients.

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Our immigration law firm provides companies and foreign workers insight into applicable immigration laws and how the lawful employment of a foreign national can be accomplished.   Factors in determining the viability of a given employment related immigration process include the nature of the position being offered, the proposed salary as well as the employee’s education and/or experience. Learn More…

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The desperation of a foreign national facing deportation after being placed in removal proceeding is a huge part of the challenge the impacted individual faces. After accepting the reality that the impacted person may be in the fight of their lives, finding a legal solution to keep the foreign national in the U.S. with loved ones is the next step. Effective advocacy in defending in this context depends on hiring an immigration law firm with the knowledge of the laws at play, and who has been there before, fighting for the rights of foreign nationals seeking to remain in the U.S. Learn More…

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A family relationship to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder) are the most common avenues through which foreign nationals seek to live in the U.S. But not all such relationships can serve as the basis of a foreign national’s U.S. immigration process. Even after determining which relationships are appropriate for this purpose, interested family members will next face questions such as how long the process will take and the impact of a petitioned foreign national’s unlawful presence in the U.S. on the outcome. Learn More…

Effective representation starts and ends with deep insight into the letter and spirit of applicable federal statutes and regulations. Additionally, a immigration law firm’s experience representing a client in a particular scenario is no less than important than the lawyer’s familiarity with the complex legal provisions at play. When contacting the Law Offices of Richard Hanus and speaking with Richard Hanus, you will be connecting to an attorney with 25+ years experience amassing theoretical knowledge of our written immigration laws as well as advocating for clientele to attain the most favorable outcomes and application of these laws.

Having immigration law firm services like Richard Hanus on your side, can make the difference between a successful and timely result versus a delayed or failed effort and with the most disappointing human consequences.