The Law Offices of Richard Hanus has the expertise and decades of experience representing corporations and individuals worldwide to accomplish their employment or investment based U.S. immigration goals. Whether your U.S. company is seeking to hire a foreign national who recently received their Bachelors Degree pursuant to their F-1 student visa program, or you are foreign national investor seeking to open a business and live in the U.S., U.S. immigration law provides a wide set of options. More than any other area of U.S. immigration law, the rules and regulations at play in the corporate immigration services realm are the most complex and difficult to navigate and having the right counsel to shepherd and support your effort is critical. By contacting the Law Offices of Richard Hanus, you will put to use our specialized expertise providing counsel and representation in these areas to help you achieve your immigration goals.

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The Law Offices of Richard Hanus offers representation and counsel in the following temporary nonimmigrant visa arenas:

B-1 – the temporary visitor for business allows for entry into the U.S. of foreign nationals to engage in business meetings, negotiations, conferences and other business related activities that do not involve productive employment on behalf of a U.S. company.

E-1 and E-2 – the Treaty Investor or Trader Visa is available for nationals of countries with a trade and/or investor treaty with the U.S.

H-1B – the Specialty Occupation work visa allows foreign nationals to work for a company in the U.S. as long as the position being offered is of a professional nature, or one that typically requires the attainment of a university degree AND that the petitioned foreign national worker has the relevant degree or equivalent.

H-2A/H-2B – available for a variety of temporary workers including those filling a seasonal or temporary need and where the unavailability of U.S. to fill the position can be documented.

L-1A/L-1B – for the employees of international companies seeking to enter the U.S. to assume a managerial or executive position (L-1A) or to fill a position involving “specialized knowledge”, and where the worker was employed at least one year in the previous 3 year period in such a position for the overseas parent, subsidiary, affiliate or branch.

O and P – among those eligible for an O-1 visa are foreign nationals who are able to document their “extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics”, or who have amassed a record of “extraordinary achievement” in the movie or television business with considerable domestic or global recognition for their work. Among those eligible for the P-1 visa is an athlete with an international reputation of excellence or acclaim seeking to compete in a particular competition, whether as an individual or part of a team.

R-1 – allows entry of foreign nationals to enter the U.S. as a religious worker, including minister, rabbi, imam, religious studies teacher – as long as the petitioning organization has qualifying credentials and is appropriately connected to the worker’s religious denomination.

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In terms of immigrant visa/green card options, the Law Offices of Richard Hanus, can represent you or your company in the following contexts:

Employment Based First Preference (EB-1) – including for executives and managers of global corporations, outstanding researchers and scientists and foreign nationals of “extraordinary ability”.

Employment Based Second Preference (EB-2) – including foreign nationals of exceptional ability or with Masters Degrees, and for positions the U.S. labor market is unable to fill

Employment Based Third Preference (EB-3) – including professionals, skilled workers, and for positions the U.S. labor market is unable to fill, including registered nurses and physical therapists

Employment Based Third Preference (EB- other workers) – Unskilled and lower skilled workers to perform jobs the U.S. labor market is unable to fill

Employment Based Forth Preference (EB- 4) – Special Immigrant Religious Workers

To accomplish immigration goals by way of a company or an institution’s job offer or a foreign national’s extraordinary talents requires careful planning and preparation. That means presenting U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Citizenship and Immigration Services with a petition filing that is thoroughly documented and that properly details how the petitioning parties meet eligibility requirements. Further, by retaining experienced counsel like the Law Offices of Richard Hanus to be by your side equips you to anticipate pitfalls before they occur and to otherwise best navigate the legal playing field and accomplish your immigration law related goals.