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Immigration Services for Businesses

Corporations and Their Employees, Including the Processing of Temporary and Permanent Work Visas

We provide business immigration law counsel and representation for both employers and future/current employees in all immigration law contexts. Our clientele ranges from large, public corporations to smaller family owned business and their employees, and we help facilitate the issuance of an employee’s temporary work or business visa as well as the processing of their permanent resident (“Green Card”) status. With two decades of experience acting in the role of business immigration attorney and counseling employers and employees in matters relating to business immigration law, we will maximize the chances of success for any employment based immigration law filing.

Our corporate clientele represent a wide range of industries including:

  • Healthcare (including hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, registered nurses, physical therapists, medical technologists, occupational therapists, nursing assistants)
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Business/Finance
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Food Service/Restaurant
  • Educational Institutions
  • Religious Institutions

And business or work visa contexts:

  • E-1/E-2 – Investors/International Trade
  • H-1B – Professionals and Specialty Occupation Workers
  • H-2A and H-2B – Temporary Shortage/Seasonal Workers
  • H-3 – Trainees
  • L-1A and L-1B – Intra-company (international) transferees, including executives, managers and individuals possessing “specialized knowledge”
  • O and P – entertainers, artists and athletes
  • R-1 – Religious Workers
  • TN – Canadian and Mexican workers under NAFTA
  • Labor Certification, including Expedited Reduction in Recruitment processing, in support of permanent resident filings for professionals, skilled workers and unskilled workers
  • Extraordinary Ability (EB-1)
  • National Interest Waiver and other EB-2 Categories
  • EB-3, including Schedule A registered nurses and physical therapists.