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Featuring a series of immigration law articles spanning more than a decade, by Richard Hanus, Chicago immigration attorney and columnist.

Marriage Based Green Card Interview Horror Stories; Where Do They Come From?

Richard Hanus

May 9, 2017

Published May 9, 2017   Question: Which travels quicker – good news or bad news?  Bad news, of course. “Train Wrecks” are exciting, interesting, sensational and sometimes, satisfying – especially when it concerns the failure of others!  To confirm this notion, all one has to do is review the magazines one sees in the check-out line... Read more →

A New Look for Green Cards and Employment Authorization Documents

Richard Hanus

April 25, 2017

Published April 25, 2017   Toward enhancing security and combatting document fraud, U.S. Department of Homeland Security will begin issuing a newly redesigned Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”) and Employment Authorization Document (“EAD”) starting May 1, 2017.  Green Cards and EADs issued prior to the release of the new versions... Read more →

More Than Enough H-1B Petitions Received, But Overall Filings Decline

Richard Hanus

April 21, 2017

Published April 21, 2017   Within the first week of availability, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services received more than enough petitions to exhaust the entirety of the coming fiscal year’s supply of 85,000 H-1B work visas – which include 65,000 H-1B visas for the general petitioning population and 20,000 reserved for petitions on... Read more →

Chicago Based Applicants for Green Cards and Citizenship: DHS/CIS Processing Times

Richard Hanus

April 20, 2017

Published April 20, 2017   Marriage based adjustment of status applicants residing in CIS Chicago’s jurisdiction are seeing an approximately 4-5 month wait to be scheduled for an interview.  Applicants for naturalization (N-400) under CIS Chicago’s jurisdiction are being scheduled within approximately 4 months of application filing,... Read more →

U.S. Department of Justice Announces New Immigration-Related Prosecution Priorities

Richard Hanus

April 12, 2017

Published April 12, 2017   In general, individuals who enter the U.S. without proper documentation, or who have overstayed their visas are guilty of only civil, as opposed to criminal, law violations.  That means, the worst penalty such a civil law offender generally faces is being subject to removal proceedings, and not criminal prosecution... Read more →

H-1B Cap Quickly Reached Yet Again; Outsourcing Firms and Computer Programmers Going Out of Style

Richard Hanus

April 10, 2017

Published April 10, 2017   Like in years past, the annual supply of 85,000 H-1B professional work visas for the coming fiscal year was exhausted within the first week employers were eligible to file visa petitions. This year, April 3, 2017 was the first day U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Citizenship and Immigration Services began... Read more →

Applying for U.S. Citizenship: The Top 4 Things That Matter

Richard Hanus

March 21, 2017

Published March 21, 2017   To be sure, a foreign national residing in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident (aka “green card” holder) is not required to apply for U.S. citizenship.   That is, for whatever reasons or no reason, a green card holder has the option of living the rest of their life […] Read more →

The Many Dimensions of Trump’s Immigration Orbit

Richard Hanus

March 7, 2017

Published March 7, 2017   Since arriving on the national political scene, Donald Trump has mastered the art of the catch phrase and buzzword.   Truthful or not, the labels he attaches to attack political opponents or to frame societal issues, seem to stick.  Whether it’s his words or his manner of delivery, Trump’s labeling skills... Read more →

The New Immigration Executive Order – Do Not Panic, Part II

Richard Hanus

February 22, 2017

Published February 22, 2017   The grandiosity with which the Trump Administration has released Executive Orders in the past month is undeniable.  If their effectiveness is to be judged by the amount of media coverage and public hysteria that has been generated, then these orders get an A+.   President Trump is leaving a distinct impression... Read more →