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Featuring a series of immigration law articles spanning more than a decade, by Richard Hanus, Chicago immigration attorney and columnist.

Applying for U.S. Citizenship: The Top 4 Things That Matter

Richard Hanus

March 21, 2017

Published March 21, 2017   To be sure, a foreign national residing in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident (aka “green card” holder) is not required to apply for U.S. citizenship.   That is, for whatever reasons or no reason, a green card holder has the option of living the rest of their life […] Read more →

The Many Dimensions of Trump’s Immigration Orbit

Richard Hanus

March 7, 2017

Published March 7, 2017   Since arriving on the national political scene, Donald Trump has mastered the art of the catch phrase and buzzword.   Truthful or not, the labels he attaches to attack political opponents or to frame societal issues, seem to stick.  Whether it’s his words or his manner of delivery, Trump’s labeling skills... Read more →

The New Immigration Executive Order – Do Not Panic, Part II

Richard Hanus

February 22, 2017

Published February 22, 2017   The grandiosity with which the Trump Administration has released Executive Orders in the past month is undeniable.  If their effectiveness is to be judged by the amount of media coverage and public hysteria that has been generated, then these orders get an A+.   President Trump is leaving a distinct impression... Read more →

This Past Weekend’s Executive Action, Shock and Awe

Richard Hanus

January 31, 2017

Published January 31, 2017   Lightning struck, in a bad way, for U.S. based or U.S. bound nationals of seven countries this past weekend.  Citizens and nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen and who are:  a) current or prospective U.S. lawful permanent residents or refugees or b) current or prospective temporary... Read more →

U.S. Senators Introduce Legislation to Protect DACA Applicants

Richard Hanus

January 15, 2017

Published January 15, 2017   4 ½ years ago President Obama implemented an executive order to allow undocumented young adults who were brought to the U.S. as children to obtain an employment authorization document or EAD.  Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, an approved applicant with EAD in hand is provided a legal... Read more →

Yes, Now Is the Time to Get H-1B Work Visa Petitions Ready for Filing

Richard Hanus

January 4, 2017

Published January 4, 2017   As the new year begins, so does the rush for U.S. employers and prospective foreign workers to compete for a chance at one or more of the 85,000 H-1B visas available each fiscal year.   The U.S. federal government’s new fiscal year for 2018 actually starts on October 1, 2017 and […] Read more →

After Much Confusion, CIS Will Accept Older Versions of Certain Forms Until February 21, 2017

Richard Hanus

January 2, 2017

Published January 2, 2017   Two weeks ago, and without any prior notice, U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) abruptly announced that as of December 23, 2016 only the newest versions of various specified forms would be accepted, and filings received featuring the older versions of the forms would be... Read more →

Naturalization Without the English and/or Civics/History Requirement

Richard Hanus

December 14, 2016

Published December 14, 2016   With few exceptions, eligibility for U.S. naturalization depends on an applicant:  1)  having accumulated a minimum number of years of lawful permanent residence, 2) demonstrating good moral character for the statutory period and 3) passing a basic test of English proficiency (writing and reading) and... Read more →

Post Election Immigration Update

Richard Hanus

December 12, 2016

Published December 12, 2016   So far, there is no news of any substance as far as major changes in policy or law in the immigration arena.    Further, there is no news about the continued viability of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program that has allowed for the issuance of employment authorization... Read more →