What Are the Benefits to Becoming a US Citizen?

You might be surprised to learn that nearly 1 million people became lawful residents of the US in 2022. Coming to the US has countless opportunities, such as taking advantage of the country’s robust economy.

However, many would argue you can only fully experience what the United States has to offer when you become a citizen. We’ve created a brief guide that outlines the key information you should know before moving forward. Let’s explore the most notable benefits to becoming a US citizen.

The Right to Vote

This is something crucial to consider if you’re looking into becoming a US citizen. Having the right to vote gives you the power to change your community and even partially impact how the country is run. As long as you’re at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen, you can let your voice be heard and make an impact.  Non-citizens are prohibited from voting in federal, state or most any local elections.

No Deportation

Those who obtain US citizenship don’t have to worry about getting deported. It’s worth noting that undocumented immigrants aren’t the only ones who get deported. Even lawful residents can have this happen under certain circumstances.

For instance, someone with a green card who commits a serious, or even semi-serious, crime could face deportation. In some cases, the US court system is stricter with those who aren’t legal citizens. The last thing you want is to deal with a harsher punishment than you expected, including the additional punishment of facing a forced return to your home country.

Less Expensive in the Long Run

Getting US citizenship comes at a price, but it’s far less expensive in the long run when compared to the alternative.  As a lawful permanent resident, you’ll need to consistently renew your green card as time passes, something that will inevitably add up to a substantial amount.

The price of naturalization is higher than a single green card renewal, but you’ll only need to go through the process once.

You Can Bring Your Family

Becoming a US citizen in most cases allows you to more efficiently bring your family to the country, which is ideal for those looking to stay physically close to their relatives when immigrating.

In many cases, those who become US citizens can bring their spouses and children with greater ease. This benefit extends to your spouse’s children, as well. Further, adult U.S. citizens can bring their parents to the U.S. to live, and within a fairly short timetable.

United States Passport Ownership

Owning a US passport allows you to travel to nearly 200 countries across the world. This allows you to save a substantial amount of time and money during international travel.

You can also re-enter the United States without issues. If you encounter problems while traveling abroad, you can get assistance from US embassies in other countries. The same can’t be said about those who only have green cards.

Extensive Travel Outside of the US

It’s not uncommon for immigrants to take long trips back to their home country to visit their family or simply for vacation. In some cases, the US could declare that someone “abandoned” their permanent US residence if they’re gone for more than 180 consecutive days.

Being unaware of this can lead to many issues regarding your ability to legally stay in the country. Overcoming this difficulty involves proving that you didn’t abandon your residence, which can be difficult for many people to do.

For instance, you might not have evidence that you intended to come back before a certain date. Citizens of the US can leave the country for as long as they’d like, with no impact on their citizenship.

Federal Benefits

Those with green cards can’t apply for many federal benefits. These include scholarships, federal jobs, and federal grants. As a US citizen, you gain access to all of these.

For instance, imagine you have the experience and knowledge to excel in a high-paying government role. However, you only have your green card. This will serve as a major obstacle between you and the vast professional promotion opportunities that can come with being a U.S. citizen.

Convenient Re-Entry into the US

You don’t have to wait in long customs lines after returning from an international trip as a US citizen. For some people, the inconvenience of going through customs can deter them from traveling altogether. Becoming a US citizen also makes it easier to enter and exit many foreign countries, as many nations exempt U.S. citizens from visa requirements.

You Can Run for Public Office

Those who want to get involved in politics will be pleased to learn that they can run for public office once they become US citizens. This allows you to influence local, state, and federal laws depending on what level of government you run for. Even if you don’t plan to do so immediately, knowing that you have the potential to get into politics may come with substantial peace of mind.

Children Automatically Become Citizens

As a United States citizen, in many cases, your children automatically become citizens when they’re born in another country.

However, you must report the birth to a US embassy or consulate as soon as possible. Failure to do so could lead to issues in the future, so don’t neglect this obligation.

Getting Started

To navigate immigration laws appropriately, you’ll need to work with the right attorney. They have the knowledge and resources to help you avoid common complications.

When looking for someone to hire, it’s essential to check their past reputation. This will offer valuable insight into the results you can expect.

Pay close attention to how they respond to criticism before making your decision. If they get defensive or aggressive with past customers, they’re likely to do the same with you if you encounter issues. With enough research, you’ll find someone who can help you choose the best immigration options for your needs.

Don’t Overlook the Benefits to Becoming a US Citizen

The information in this guide will help you understand the benefits to becoming a US citizen. From here, you shouldn’t have trouble taking full advantage of them. Just be sure you work with the right attorney.

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