It’s estimated that forty-five million people in the United States have immigrated here from other countries. Uprooting your entire life to come to the United States is already challenging enough. Sadly, U.S. immigration laws make things even more complicated.

Whether it’s the endless forms or the confusing array of visas, there’s no shortage of hurdles standing in your way. If you’re dealing with potential visa or deportation problems in the Windy City, it’s important to contact an immigration lawyer in Chicago, IL.

However, it can be a challenge to know when you should or shouldn’t hire one. So in this guide, we’ll briefly go over some of the reasons why you might need the help of one of these legal professionals.

You Need a Business Visa

The first type of common immigration service you might require are corporate visa that is needed to accomplish investment goals or job opportunities.

You might be a corporation in the United States who wants to temporarily hire an investor from another company. Or you might be an investor in another company who wishes to permanently open up shop in the United States.

An immigration Lawyer in Chicago can help you get the visas you need to do business here legally. Generally, you can break these types of visas down into two categories: temporary and permanent. Common temporary business visas include things like:

  • B-1
  • E-1 and E-2
  • H-1B
  • H-2A/H-2B
  • L-1A/L-1B
  • O and P
  • P-1
  • R-1

Check out this guide to learn more about these different types of corporate visas. If you want a permanent visa, you will need to apply for a green card. Different preference categories within the employment based immigration system will determine how long a wait the prospective worker will have to endure before the immigrant visa or green card is issued.

At the top of the list are professionals who possess extraordinary abilities. Toward the bottom of the preferences are lower-skilled workers who are needed to perform jobs that the market can’t fill.

A Chicago immigration attorney can help you decide which category is most appropriate for your needs.

You Need a Personal Visa

Like corporate visas, personal visas can be issued on a temporary or permanent status. The difference is that other factors can help you get a permanent green card in the United States.

Instead of simply the job prospects that you can bring to the table, you can get permanent resident status through your relationship with a family member or future spouse.

Different individuals will require different strategies for maximizing their chances of receiving one of these visas in Chicago. An immigration lawyer can help find what angle of attack works for your specific needs.

Once you’ve had your green card for the appropriate number of years, you can apply for citizenship. For this, an immigration lawyer can be of help, whether for evaluating overall eligibility, preparing flawless paperwork to avoid hiccups, accompanying to interview to protect applicant rights or strategizing to overcome some legal hurdle.

You Require Deportation Defense

This year alone, over 21,549 immigrants have been deported from the United States. There can be many different reasons a foreign national may face deportation. Sometimes the process will start with the foreign national being arrested by ICE.

Other times, the denial of a foreign national’s application for permanent residence or asylum might lead the applicant to being placed in deportation proceedings.  Whatever the case, a denial of these types or any immigration application might be the right circumstance to prompt a foreign national to seek legal assistance.

An immigration lawyer can help you assess the situation surrounding your potential deportation. They can then help you formulate a strategy for relief by looking at things like your family ties, community standing, your residence history, and the conditions that potentially await you in your home country.

If you partner with an experienced attorney, like Richard Hanus, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to walk away from the proceedings with a better immigration status than when you first showed up.

How to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Sadly, not all immigration lawyers in Chicago are created equally. Considering the stakes that often rest on most immigration cases, you must find someone with the experience and empathy that you require.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that the immigration law firm in Chicago is a good fit for your needs.

Check With Your Network

In some cases, your family or friends may have worked with an immigration lawyer in the past. If they have, then they can provide some recommendations on who might be a good fit and who you should avoid.

If your network doesn’t turn anything up, you can switch to an online search to find some options. Still, referrals are great because you can automatically trust the immigration lawyer.

Ask the Right Questions

It can help to arrive at your consultation with a list of prepared questions. Make sure to ask about their previous experience. Ask how often they take on cases like yours and what their success rate is.

During this time, you should also ask about their fee structures and pricing. That way, you know for sure that you can afford legal help.

Know What Qualities to Look For

Numerous qualities separate an average lawyer from the best immigration lawyer in Chicago. For starters, they, or a member of their staff, should be able to speak your language well. Communication is key both for formulating a strategy and appearing in court.

As such, if you’re struggling to get your needs or story across, look elsewhere. Perseverance is also vital. Immigration law often moves slowly. So your lawyer should have the patience to wait for success in the long-term picture.

Lastly, make sure you feel heard. Immigration law is all about the details. So if during your consultation you feel like the lawyer is not paying attention to the specifics of your case, schedule a consultation with someone else.

Need An Experienced Attorney? Contact USA Visa Counsel

We hope this guide helped you learn when to hire an immigration lawyer in Chicago, IL. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t be afraid to contact a legal professional just to answer some questions.

Immigration law is a complex topic. As such, a good attorney in Chicago can help explain concepts and potential solutions that might apply to you. Here at USA Visa Counsel, whether we’re answering simple questions or representing you in court, we want to help.

So contact our immigration law office in Chicago, IL today to schedule an in-person consultation that will give you the legal help you deserve.