Published January 8, 2021

By Richard Hanus, Esq.

Join us on Thursday, January 28, 2021 @ 7:00 pm CST when we will be getting the first glimpse of any new immigration policies Joe Biden has in mind for the start of his presidency as well as his possible agenda for major immigration legislation.  Richard Hanus will discuss the immediate and near future impact a Biden presidency will have on our immigration system and how it might affect your immigration filing.  He will also provide feedback on your specific immigration law questions.  To register for the Facebook event, visit:

Please forward your questions in advance to or through our website contact form  You can also submit your questions during the event in the comments section.  Either way, we will do our best to address and discuss your question.

During our November event, Richard provided insight on many immigration law questions including:

– how foreign registered nurses can come to work and live in the U.S.

– how a petitioning family member’s death can impact the rest of the family and their plan to immigrate to the U.S.

– the impact a failed marriage and immigration filing can have on a foreign national’s 2nd marriage based immigration application based on their new marriage and
– the immigration consequences a non-citizen faces in voting or registering to vote in a U.S. election, even by accident.

Join us on January 28 and you will have a chance to hear Richard provide his usual straightforward feedback on all questions presented.  In the meantime, have a safe and successful January!

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