Published February 6, 2018


Marriage based adjustment of status applicants living in CIS Chicago’s jurisdiction are seeing an approximately 7-8 month wait to be scheduled for an interview.  Applicants for Naturalization (N-400) under CIS Chicago’s jurisdiction are being scheduled within approximately 8-10 months of application filing, and an oath ceremony, for approved cases, usually being scheduled 3 weeks or so following interview.

At present the timeline for marriage based I-485 adjustment of status applicants — assuming all applications and supporting documentation are prepared and submitted correctly, is as follows:

  1. Dept. of Homeland Security/Citizenship and Immigration Services receipts are issued within 1 to 2 weeks of application submission.
  2. Notices scheduling appointments for biometrics (fingerprint) are usually sent out 2 to 4 weeks after filing.
  3. Employment Authorization Document (and for those eligible, Advance Parole Travel Document) are issued within 120-150 days from the filing date (a significant delay, with DHS advising that it is in the process of fixing).
  4. Interview notices (for DHS/CIS Chicago cases) are generally issued within 7-8 months following application submission.

N-400 applicants face identical wait times for the first two steps, and again, naturalization interviews are generally scheduled within 8-10 months or so following application submission and with oath ceremony scheduling some 3 weeks later.


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