CGFNS Halts Visa Screen Issuance To Certain Filipino RN’s
February 22, 2007

For final U.S. immigrant visa processing to be completed, most foreign Registered Nurses are required to present evidence of special certification confirming the bona fides of their educational and professional credentials along with their competence in the English language. The “VisaScreen” certificate is issued by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools, also known as CGFNS.

As of February 14, 2007, CGFNS has declared that R.N.’s who received their licensure in the Philippines following their passage of the June 2006 licensure exam will not be eligible to be considered for VisaScreen certification. This pronouncement was made after an investigation in the Philippines uncovered compromised test results arising from significant irregularities in the testing process. It is important to note that this decision only affects those nurses whose R.N. licensure in the Philippines was based on their passage of the June 2006 exam, and no other exam.

CGFNS has determined, however, that affected nurses who still wish to pursue their VisaScreen certification may still be eligible by passing the equivalent of Tests 3 and 5 of a future Philippine nursing exam.

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