Immigrant Visas Become Available for Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists
June 22, 2005

Pursuant to recently passed legislation, the U.S. Department of State has announced that effective July 1, 2005, US immigrant visas will become available for Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists from all nations, including the Philippines, China and India.

The new visa availability has come about as a result of congressional action to take untapped portions of previous fiscal year’s supplies and allocate them to accommodate the current, heavy demand, particularly in the health care arena. This measure will of course address the visa backlog and retrogression that has plagued the system and placed on hold most processing since January.

As a result, qualified PT’s and RN’s both in the US and overseas may be eligible to immediately commence or continue the processing of their US permanent residence or immigrant visas. Of course such professionals will need to be in possession of the right type of documentation and presented with the right type of job offer to either commence or continue the process.

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