Published October 17, 2015

The Green Card Lottery (DV-2017)

As in years past, millions of people from all over the world will submit entries to have a chance at one of 50,000 diversity immigrant visas and obtain “green card” status in the U.S.  Excluded from eligibility are natives of Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and Vietnam.  These specified, excluded countries are considered to be “high admission” nations, and Congress’ purpose in establishing the visa lottery program was to provide immigration U.S. green card opportunities for individuals from countries with lower admission rates.  Each year, the calculus in determining which countries are “high admission” is revisited and a new assessment is made year to year.

The entry period for the 2017 visa lottery began October 1, 2015 and continues through noon (EST) Tuesday, November 3, 2015. Entries will be accepted only by way of the Department of State’s visa lottery website:  After registration, each applicant will be given their own unique confirmation number.  No paper entries are accepted, and each individual applying is allowed only a single entry.  Applicants entering more than once will be disqualified.


Individuals who are picked will ultimately be eligible to enter the US – along with their spouse and under 21 year old children (or adjust their status, if they are already in the U.S. and are otherwise eligible) – during the 2017 fiscal year which runs from October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017.

There is no fee to enter the visa lottery, and entrants will be able to learn of the success or failure of their effort starting May 3, 2016 and through September 30, 2017 via online case status check.  Specifically, the applicant must visit and click Entrant Status Check, and enter the unique confirmation number provided to them at the time of their registration.

Other important tidbits and warnings for prospective applicants:

1)    The only time an applicant will be asked to submit a fee is after his entry has been chosen and it is requested by the State Department in the context of the processing of his immigrant visa.

2)    Applicants who receive a congratulatory or “winning” email should know that it is a fraud and avoid getting caught up in such a predatory scam!

3)    Straight forward instructions about the entry process are available at  Accordingly, beware of websites or companies charging any type of fee to consult or offer “special inside assistance” with the process!

4)    Winners are chosen randomly, and again, there is no initial application fee.

5)    Applicants must have either a high school education or its equivalent, OR two years of experience working in a “skilled” position within the past 5 years (details on what types of positions qualify are included on the visa lottery website noted above).

6)    There is a limitation on one application per individual.  However, qualifying individuals in the same household may submit individual applications.

7)     Applicants can be living in the U.S. or abroad.

8)    Those picked as winners are eligible to have their spouse and children under 21 years of age join in on receiving the same green card benefits. Siblings, married children and parents of winners do not stand to derive immigration benefits.

Further information, including Frequently Asked Questions/Answers, about the 2017 DV Visa Lottery Program can be accessed at

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