New Medical Forms, New Vaccine Requirements, and One Small Detail
Published August 15, 2008

This summer US Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) has issued a new list of required vaccinations and a new medical form for applicants for permanent residence (I-485).

Applicants for Adjustment of Status will need to show that they’ve had the following vaccinations:
– rotavirus
– hepatitis A
– meningococcal
– human papillomavirus
– zoster (for applicants age 60 and older)

The new medical exam form (I-693) was published on on June 5, 2008 and the new requirements went into effect on August 1. So if an applicant has submitted their paperwork before August 1, no need for concern – and it’s ok if the old form was used . Applicants filing after August 1, however, should ensure that the new form is used and that all required vaccinations were completed.

A problem, for right now: the Zoster vaccine is currently unavailable due to a manufacturing delay. US CIS has announced that, until the vaccine becomes available again, applicants may submit their medical exam forms without Zoster. As soon as Zoster is available again, though, applicants will again be required to present proof of their vaccination. .


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