Imagine moving to an entirely new country only to find yourself in legal trouble. In recent years, Chicago has served as a major hotspot for immigrants in the United States.

Unfortunately, this has led to a crisis where the city can’t fully accommodate everyone who arrives. Migrant arrests, convictions, and deportations have skyrocketed as a result.

It’s crucial to have the right Chicago immigration attorney on your side if you’re in legal peril, including if you are facing removal from the U.S. or being accused of a crime. This could dictate whether you encounter additional legal complications. Let’s explore the benefits of working with the right attorney.

They’re Experienced

It can be overwhelming to deal with immigration law on your own. An immigration lawyer in Chicago has the experience to navigate your case.

This is especially useful for those who have trouble speaking English. When you work with the right lawyer, chances are they’ve dealt with many people in your exact situation. They’ll likely have already established a course of action for your case.

They Can Explain Your Situation

Understanding domestic laws as a citizen is hard enough. Understanding foreign laws in other countries is exponentially more difficult.

It’s recommended that you continue your search until you find the best immigration attorney in Chicago. This ensures you’ll work with someone who can help you understand your situation.

The American justice system is labyrinthine and full of pitfalls at every turn. Without a reputable professional on your side, it will be virtually impossible to understand and overcome the odds against you.

They Can Take Action

Hiring an attorney provides much more than just advice. They can take legal action and help you get the results you deserve.

They know exactly who to contact and how to best find solutions to problems that arise.  Without legal assistance, there are many situations in which you would be powerless. For example, appealing a court’s ruling is much more effective when you hire a reputable immigration lawyer.

They’ll Help You Find a Job

It’s not uncommon for immigrants to have difficulty finding jobs in the United States. This is even true for those who have solid backgrounds, such as holding degrees from major universities in their home country. Attorneys have valuable insight to provide when it comes to options available under our immigration laws and the best approach to finding the right employer.

This often comes in the form of immigrant job programs, but it could also involve them referring you to a company where you’d be a nice fit. For instance, let’s assume you came to the United States and have a strong knowledge of software engineering.

However, you have no personal contacts in the country and have trouble speaking English. Your attorney could help guide you when it comes to finding a job as a software engineer, including finding companies that sponsor foreign workers to fill available positions in the US. Scenarios like these aren’t uncommon, so ensure you ask your lawyer about how they can help.

A Path to Citizenship

People looking to obtain citizenship in the United States need to handle the process carefully. There are many requirements to meet, and it can be difficult to find the best legal option and submit the right documentation without legal help.

The right lawyer will essentially be a gateway to your citizenship in the country. They have the knowledge and resources to ensure you don’t make critical mistakes in choosing an option that may not be viable or where financial resources will be wasted.

They can also help expedite the process. Put simply, it’s always recommended to work with a reputable immigration attorney when migrating to the US. Doing so exponentially increases your chance of success.

Finding a Chicago Immigration Attorney

To find the best immigration lawyer in Chicago, you’ll have to do a bit of research. However, it’s easier than most people anticipate. Listed below are some of the most notable attributes to look for.


Look for an immigration law firm in Chicago that’s dealt with many cases like yours in the past. The more experience they have, the better.

When making your decision, Ensure they specialize in this area of law. Some attorneys could claim they can help but primarily focus on other types of legal issues. As long as you find someone who thoroughly understands the nuances of immigration law, you shouldn’t encounter issues.

Their Pricing

What does their billing structure look like? Not all lawyers charge clients in the same manner.

For instance, some attorneys charge a flat rate while others will charge by the hour.  Each attorney and firm may have their own individual styles, and of course, different circumstances may dictate a a particular billing method. In other words, one size does not fit all when it comes to lawyer services and pricing.

Further, when it comes to communicating with your lawyer, some might allow you to contact them outside of business hours via phone or email. They also might charge you to do so. Whatever the circumstances at play, the last thing you want are surprises and to get a bill that’s exponentially higher than what you expected.


Some legal issues require creative solutions. This is especially true regarding immigration law, as problems that arise can be notably complex.

Your attorney should be willing to think outside conventional boundaries to figure out the best way to handle your case. Ask them for examples of unique methods they’ve used in the past. You can then make your decision from here.


Assess how enthusiastic they seem about working with you. If they aren’t interested in your case, chances are they’ll fall short of your goals.

A great way to determine their enthusiasm is by considering how many questions they ask about your situation. Someone willing to dedicate their time and attention to your case will want to know much more about it.

Get Started ASAP

If you’re dealing with legal issues impacting your life in the U.S., find a Chicago immigration attorney as soon as possible. The information in this guide will ensure you quickly make the most appropriate decision for your situation.

USA Visa Counsel proudly helps our clients navigate the nuances of immigration law. We aim to go above and beyond during each case and ensure you get the representation you deserve. You can learn more about the benefits we provide when you schedule a consultation.