Facing Deportation: What Do Immigration Lawyers Do And How Can They Help Me?


Over the past decade, over 7 million people have gained legal citizenship in the United States. But there are countless others trying and waiting to have their dream of citizenship realized as well, and many others who have had their hopes lost in the process.

Perhaps you’re trying to obtain citizenship and have been surprised at the complicated, lengthy process. Maybe you’ve wondered if an immigration lawyer could help but asked yourself, “What do immigration lawyers do?”

To learn more about immigration lawyers and how they can be of service to you, read on:

What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

Immigration laws in the United States are very complicated. In fact, many people say that immigration law is second only to the country’s tax law in its overall complexity. So trying to navigate it yourself can result in deportation, even in some situations where it seems like you’ve been doing everything right.

Immigration lawyers are there to help navigate these laws and guide you through each step of the immigration process. A good immigration lawyer will inform you of your rights and help you get organized. They will make sure you have all the information you need to present during the application. They can also assist in filling out all the many documents, forms, and statements you’ll face on your path toward citizenship.

Without the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, it’s far too easy to make mistakes. Even a single, small mistake on any given immigration application can lead to problems. A lawyer in the business of immigration knows how to avoid delays, and how to prepare an application in such a way that legal technicalities won’t leave you in limbo.

A Lawyer Can Help When You’re Facing Removal

If you’re in the unhappy position of facing deportation, your lawyer will use his or her knowledge of the law to help and find any possible solution. They will assist in preparing your witnesses for any court appearances. They will also deal with deadlines, write the necessary briefs, and represent you in court.

Remember, it’s not the job of the judge to steer you toward helpful legal advice, only a reliable attorney can give you the information and assistance you need.

If You’ve Been Convicted

Every USCIS form will ask the applicant if they’ve ever been arrest or convicted of a crime, and the applicant has to disclose their whole criminal record. This includes any and all charges, even if they were dropped.

What do immigration lawyers do? An immigration lawyer will help you understand how criminal law and immigration law impact each other and how a criminal conviction might hurt your status.

When Prior Immigration Applications Have Been Denied

An immigration lawyer will be able to look at any denied application and determine why it was denied. They can tell you if there is any possible way to appeal the denied application or when and if you will be able to re-apply in the future.

If You’ve Been Deported Before

You might be permanently banned from filling out any future applications because of previous deportation or exclusion. This is where an immigration attorney is especially needed to provide insight into all the repercussions of deportation or exclusion and any advice on where to go from there.

When You Have a Medical Issue

You might be surprised to discover that some medical conditions can prevent you from obtaining any entry into the United States. These usually include communicable diseases. So what can you do if you have a disease but want to seek a healthier, more promising life in the U.S.? Seek out the advice of an experienced immigration attorney.

When You’ve Been Waiting for a Long Time

The immigration process can seem to take forever with a long series of applications, upcoming deadlines, and lengthy waiting periods. In many cases, a good lawyer can assist an applicant in finding a way to expedite the processing of their application and obtain a decision.

If you feel like your application is taking an unreasonably long time to process, contact us to find out how we might be able to help you speed things along.

When You’re Seeking Adjustment of Status

Some clients seek to secure permanent resident status by way of marriage but then went through a divorce and married a different U.S. citizen. Such situations can raise suspicion and there’s the assumption that perhaps the first marriage was nothing more than a scam and means for gaining a green card.

You might need the help of a lawyer to prove that the first marriage was, in fact, legitimate.

If Marriage to a Citizen Ended Early

With visa applications that are based on marriages, issues can arise if the marriage ends due to divorce or death before a final permanent resident status was reached. This is another situation in which proof is often needed to show that the first marriage was legitimate and not simply a guise to get into the country.

When You Simply Need Help With the Application Process

Sometimes you need help from an experienced immigration attorney when the application process is confusing or time-consuming. When you work with an attorney it can help prevent any unexpected delays and make the process move along much quicker than it might when you go at it alone.

Get the Help You Need

Now that you have an answer to the question, “What do immigration lawyers do?”, and an understanding of why their help is so valuable, allow us to help you in your journey toward citizenship.

We know this process can be overwhelming and emotional and our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist you every step of the way.