Comprehensive Immigration Reform Package Once Again Reintroduced In Congress
February 25, 2005

Earlier this month a bipartisan group of 32 senators have sponsored and reintroduced immigration reform legislation in the U.S. Senate known as “The Agricultural Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits and Security (AgJobs) Act of 2005.” A bi-partisan group of U.S. representatives have also taken measures to have a companion piece of legislation introduced before the U.S. House of Representatives. For all practical purposes, the provisions contained in this years proposed legislation are no different from those contained in last year’s proposed bill. In sum, the bill would present an opportunity for foreign nationals to fill jobs in the U.S. where the unavailability of U.S. workers to fill the position can be documented. Foreign nationals living in the U.S. would be eligible under such a program regardless of their previous immigration violations. Furthermore, an opportunity at “earned legalization” for such foreign nationals would also be available under this proposed piece of legislation.

Again, despite rumors to the contrary, the proposal continues to remain a proposal. That means, to date, no new amnesty type program has been enacted. Foreign nationals living in the U.S., particularly those without legal immigration status, are strongly cautioned against falling for fraudulent pitches by unscrupulous notarios, consultants, and even attorneys who purport to being able to offer an inside track to legal status at this time.

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