Tips For Immigration Law Consumers
(Based on client stories I have recently heard in my day to day practice.)
October 24, 2006

  • Stay away from scam artists. If it smells like a scam, it probably is. Immigration scams stink, and one of the more common scams these days involves the visa lottery. In no way is payment of a fee to a professional or one posing as a professional going to increase one’s chances for success.
  • If your service provider refuses to issue a receipt for payment, you can be assured he/she is a scam artist.
  • If you have immigration law counsel that appears to be “milking” you for fees, get a second opinion and even a third opinion. Confirm that your arrangement and approach to your problem is sensible and not a waste of your time and money. Sometimes the payment of a large fee is warranted, depending on the complexity of the problem and as long as the client is fully informed. But often that is not the case, and ignorance, in the context of the client/immigration attorney relationship, is not bliss.

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