The United States of America is a country built on immigration. Even today, the country attracts more immigrants than anywhere else in the world. More than one million people come from other countries to the US each year.

But immigration can be a tricky issue. There are all kinds of hurdles that need to be clear and these can be highly confusing to the average Joe. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a Chicago immigration attorney if you’re looking to navigate the process successfully.

Want to find out more about the way an immigration law firm in Chicago can help? We’ve put this guide together to lay out the ways the best immigration lawyer in Chicago can help. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

1. Help You Get Your Green Card

If you’re looking for a green card, you might feel daunted by the application process. There are rules to figure out, forms to fill out, interviews to attend, and all kinds of hoops to jump through. Many people have misguided approach, say the wrong thing in interviews or make mistakes when filling out the forms.

We can provide advice and support throughout the process. We’ve counseled so many people through this process over the years, so we have plenty of experience.

In the meantime, we can advise you on other forms of visa that could suit your needs. There is a range of temporary visas available for immigrants to the United States and we can help you to enter the country.

2. Protect You in Deportation Cases

Just because you’re already in the country doesn’t mean you never need the services of an immigration lawyer. Even if you have a green card, certain events could see you facing deportation. Sometimes a simple misunderstanding or clerical error could result in this issue arising, even if you’ve lived in the country for many years.

If you’re facing deportation, an immigration lawyer in Chicago is the person to have in your corner. We understand that deportation can ruin lives and pull families apart, so we act accordingly. We can make sure you’re treated fairly and we’ll pull out all the stops to help you fight this.

3. Fight Your Corner in Asylum Cases

By international law, anyone may present themselves at a border and make an asylum claim. Tens of thousands of people claim asylum in the safety of the US, but this isn’t always an easy process. You’ll be questioned about your history and life to ensure your asylum claim is genuine.

Everyone deserves to live a safe and free life and if you come from a country that is unsafe or that restricts your freedom, the US could be the perfect place for you. After all, this is the land of the free!

An immigration law firm in Chicago can help with asylum claims to give you the best possible chance of being granted residency in the United States. If we believe you qualify for asylum eligibility, we”ll gather all the information about your background and country of origin to help you present a strong case to the authorities. With our help, you could be living free and happily here in America before you know it.

4. Advise on Criminal History

A criminal history can have a huge impact on your life, including your U.S. immigration status. But lots of people who’ve made mistakes in the past migrate to the US every year. You don’t need a squeaky clean record to emigrate.

Still, a criminal history can cause some issues when emigrating to the US. We can help you navigate these choppy waters, establishing the facts of what happened and finding ways to work around it.

Be open and honest with us about your history and you might be surprised by how much we can help. Even people with convictions for more serious crimes might be able to find a way to settle in the US under certain circumstances.

5. Help With Paperwork After Marrying a US Citizen

If you’re from outside the US and you’re marrying a US citizen, you should get the help of an immigration attorney. As the spouse of a US citizen, you will NOT automatically gain the right to live in the country.

To various degrees, you’ll face a series of requirements after the time you marry and during the processing of your application to reside in the U.S.  The government needs to know your marriage is real and not a sham union for visa purposes. So you’ll have to provide documents and attend interviews to prove yourself to government officials deciding your application.

Why let bureaucracy stand in the way of true love and a happy life together? We help you to cut through the red tape and begin your new life in America with your spouse.

6. Guide You Through the Naturalization Process

Perhaps you’ve lived in the United States for many years, using a green card to work and reside in the country. But maybe you’re looking for something more. You might want full citizenship, allowing you to more permanently set down roots in the country without fear of change.

We can act as your guides through the naturalization process. Just like the steps for getting a green card or claiming asylum, naturalization can be complex and daunting. But we’ve done this many times before and we know how to guide you to success.

A Quality Chicago Immigration Attorney to Help You

When you’re facing immigration issues, you need expert help. Without someone who understands the nuances of US immigration law, you won’t have the best chance of being successful in your case. But a Chicago immigration attorney is a fighter in your corner to help you through these challenges.

Whether you’re applying for a green card, asylum or to naturalize to become a U.S. citizen, we can help. Here at USA Visa Counsel, we have experience with all these issues and more, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.