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Temporary Work Visas

Immigration Services for Individuals, Including Families & Marriage Based Applicants

Temporary work visas, also known as a nonimmigrant work visas, are generally facilitated by way of an employer petition. The most common U.S. working visa is the H-1B visa, where the job offered must be one involving a “specialty occupation” – where the attainment of a university degree is generally required, and the prospective worker has a degree, or equivalent, in that field. The H-1B work visa allows for employment in the U.S., but only for the petitioning employer. An Employment Authorization Document, also known as a work permit, is another vehicle toward lawful employment in the U.S., although it generally allows for employment for any employer. Employment Authorization Documents are most often available for individuals who are awaiting the final stage of their permanent residence processing as their I-485 Applications for Adjustment of Status remain pending. EAD’s are available to dozens of other classes of individuals including those whose asylum applications have been long pending as well as graduates of F-1 international student programs – pursuant to an Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. For assistance with obtaining a U.S. temporary work visa, contact the Law Offices of Richard Hanus today. BACK TO IMMIGRATION SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALS