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Our Approach to Immigration Law

We assist individuals and businesses in the U.S. and abroad to achieve their goals in an efficient manner and provide responsive counsel throughout all steps in the process. In providing the highest quality representation in all U.S. immigration related matters, we strive to serve our clients with creativity, sensitivity and diligence, three qualities that are essential when dealing with immigration law issues. To better serve your personal needs, we speak English, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew, Russian, Tagalog and Lithuanian.


We keep current with an ever-changing landscape of statutes, regulations, case law and policy in order to find solutions to the vast array of issues our clients present. With this solid foundation, we focus our efforts toward creatively tapping into this complex bank of information, devising the best approach to a client’s particular set of circumstances.


Having represented clients in immigration-related matters for almost two decades, we are sensitive to the type of service an immigration law client needs and have the experience and insight to help clients achieve the result they are seeking. Whether you represent a corporation seeking to staff its newly established U.S. branch with key overseas personnel, or you are an individual seeking to remain united with family members in the U.S., we are familiar with the wide variety of concerns (legal and otherwise) that you face. We are sensitive to these issues and will exercise judgment that best suits the client’s needs.


Monitoring the progress of a client’s case and keeping you informed as to important developments are two key functions of any firm. By diligently carrying out these roles, we help ensure the fastest processing of our clients’ cases while at the same time, heighten awareness and increase confidence in the processes at issue. Our firm handles all aspects of immigration filing and case preparation, including:
  • preparing and compiling documentation according to specific USCIS (formerly INS,) Department of Labor and other governmental agency guidelines for the most efficient processing possible,
  • providing detailed instructions for clients regarding supporting documentation needed for filings,
  • walking through the filing process with all clients, making sure you are well informed at every step,
  • offering realistic and accurate time frame estimates for various types of filings and
  • handling all interactions with USCIS officers and other government agency personnel.